Windows are not only a source of light and fresh air, but also a means of communication. In the first moment, we only see the frame and the glass in the window. The window serves for many vital functions, which we do not take into consideration. We offer You a wide offer of window knobs and wooden, PCV, and aluminium door from the Siegenia-Aubi company, which may be individually suited to the requirements of the clients. It is also possible thanks to the a large number of additional elements, such as: enameling the shield in different colors, or the elements of the knobs which enhance the safety of the window.

Ventilation systems: or the users of modern windows, the function of half-opening and opening, which is attainable through the use of the handle seems vital. In many European countries, this looks a bit different; windows of different type come into use, many of which are of the gape type. Aubi offers new possibilities in this area. A new technical solution has been created, which enables the wing of the gape window to be set in a free position in a wide range of opening. Using the new gantry with the integrated system of gradual opening, we gain the possibility of fluid regulation of the window opening angle and, with proper use, full opening of the window.

The rolling pin patented by the Aubi ensures a light and quiet work of the knob through the use of the roll. The ability of sticking the roll out up to 2 mm with the possibility of turning it around is particularly applicable in the situations, where it is necessary to correct minor differences in the size of the wing and the architrave. The possibility of horizontal regulation +/_ 0,75 mm allows for receiving an optimal pressure of the wing to the architrave. Standard equipment.

The protection of closing installed in standard on every gape protects from every incidental, self-closing of the half-opened wing, for example, as a result of wind. Standard equipment.

The blockade of the handle is installed on the bar, and protects against the movement of the handle to the position of half-opening when the window is entirely open. Its use will allow you to evade the expensive reclamation. There is no need to install additional elements on the architrave.

The in-notch presser ensures an appropriate pressure to the architrave, and is regulated in a wide range (+/- 2 mm). Simple installation, without the use of templates is achieved due to the location of the presser in the notch knob. The location of the presser makes both, the gape window, and the half-open/gape window look the same.

The winter/summer ES 040 gape enables the regulation of the gape level according to the season of the year and the amount of ventilated air. A small gape of the window in the winter position of the ES 040 gape ensures a sufficient circulation of air protecting, at the same time, from external noise and energy loss. The limited angle of opening of the wing protects from the inflow of water even during heavy rainfall. The installed closing lock protects the wing against self-closing even in the case of wind.

Window wing lift: The Aubi constructors hale solved the problem of dropping of the window wing, particularly visible in the case of heavy windows, such as balcony windows. Thanks to the use of wing lift which co-operates with the standard gape hook the wing is automatically raised by closing, which protects it from scratching the architrave. This guarantees the clients a safe and unconstrained closing of the window, and, at the same time, allows the producers to save the costly additional works, including the reclamation.

Favorit Si-line TS S-ES: knob security system: The number of breaking-ins grows constantly. In the majority of the cases, it is the lack of the security elements which enables the lawbreaker to get inside. Our company has therefore released bolts of the WK and WK2 class of the Siegenia-Aubi company. They are equipped with special elements of raised resistance to breaking, handle locked with a key, corner locks and anti-force protections.

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